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Mobility Plan Ragusa Ibla

Ultima modifica 23 ottobre 2023


 Request temporary authorization to access the active LTZ


Ragusa Ibla is open, easy to reach for everyone and without the stress of parking.
From 1 April to 5 November 2023 a special Sustainable Mobility Plan is active which provides for the activation of a Limited Traffic Zone LTZ, quick and free connections, convenient parking facilities.


When is the LTZ active?

The Limited Traffic Zone with electronic access control is ACTIVE:

Friday, days before holidays, holidays (including all Sundays) and on the occasion of particular events, from 08.30 pm to 2.00 am

The LTZ is active 24 hours a day only in: via Giusti (from the corner of Largo S. Paolo), via 11 Febbraio (from the corner of via del Mercato), via Orfanotrofio (from the corner of Piazza Pola towards via Torrenuova), Piazza Pola and Piazza Duomo.

Circulation around Ibla (along via avv. G. Ottaviano going up from via Peschiera, Largo Camerina, via del Mercato) is always be allowed.


Where is the LTZ active?

Look at the map 


Who can access the LTZ?

During the opening hours of the LTZ, access is allowed only to residents and owners of economic activities in possession of a regular pass, taxi and car rental service with driver (NCC) operating in Ragusa.


I am not a pass holder, can I still access the LTZ?

Yes. Those for work or health reasons, to use specific services, to accompany people with disabilities, to load and unload luggage, to deliver goods (exceptionally, beyond the allowed times 08.00 am - 11.00 am and 03.00 pm - 05.00 pm) or for other kind of need, he needs to access during the hours and days when the LTZ is active, he can request a temporary permit using the appropriate online form. LINKARE MODULO

It is not necessary to wait for a reply to access: the Municipal Police will be responsible for verifying the correctness of what has been declared.

If necessary, you can correct your declaration by 12.00 the next day, giving reasons.


Can I access the LTZ to load and unload luggage?

Yes, even when the LTZ is active, the baggage loading and unloading operations are among the permitted activities, only for the time necessary. It’s necessary to request a temporary authorization to access the active Ltz.

We also remind you that HyBus, the continuous and free shuttle bus service to and from Ragusa Ibla, is equipped with a luggage compartment.


How can I reach Ragusa Ibla?

HyBus, the direct and FREE shuttle service equipped with a luggage compartment, is available: Fridays, holidays and pre-holidays, from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am Terminus: Piazza del Popolo (Ragusa superiore) and Largo Ss. Trovato (Ragusa Ibla).


How can I reach Ibla from other areas of the city?

Ibla is connected with the other areas of the city by the local public transport service Ast. These are the connection lines:

Ast 11: from Monday to Saturday, from 06.40 am to 08.40 pm. Frequency every 60 minutes.

Ast 33: from Monday to Saturday, from 07.00 am to 00.40 am. Frequency every 60 minutes.

The staggered timetables of the Ast 11 and Ast 33 lines make it possible to reduce the frequency to 30 minutes to and from Ragusa Ibla.

Ast 1: Sundays and holidays, from 08.00 am to 09.00 pm. Frequency every 60 minutes.

Routes and stops: See the Map 

Where to buy tickets: tobacco shop and authorized dealers, Ast website , Ast Ticket office app (Android) and IOs , on board (with extra charge).


How can I reach Ragusa Ibla on foot?

Reaching Ibla on foot means living an authentic experience admiring foreshortenings and breathtaking views. Two ancient routes are available:

- Staircase Santa Maria delle Scale: from via 24 Maggio at the corner of Corso Mazzini (Ragusa Center) to Piazza Repubblica (Ragusa Ibla) in 8 minutes on foot. 

- Staircase Carmine: from Piazza Carmine (Ragusa Center) to via San Paolo (Ragusa Ibla) in 6 minutes on foot. 


Where do I park?

Near the HyBus terminus in Piazza del Popolo (Ragusa Center) there is an indoor car park "SiSosta", active 24 hours a day.

From 9 June to 9 September 2023:

Tourists who are guests of Ragusa Ibla accommodation facilities can park for FREE and for the entire period of stay in the Sisosta indoor car park in Piazza del Popolo using special cards to be collected directly at the parking lot using the "tourist code" provided by the relative accommodation facility.

The employees of accommodation and commercial activities in Ragusa Ibla can park for FREE and for the entire period of employment in the Sisosta indoor car park in Piazza del Popolo (Ragusa Center).
The employee only pays for the purchase of the appropriate card at a cost of € 5.

It is not necessary to park in the “Sisosta” car park in Piazza del Popolo (Ragusa Center) to use the HyBus.


Can I park in Ragusa Ibla?

To facilitate the movement of those wishing to take advantage of the parking directly in Ragusa Ibla, there are blue line bays (pay and display parking) available at the "avv. G. Ottaviano car park” (n.45), along via avv. G. Ottaviano (n.57), in via Peschiera (n.21) and at “Giardini Iblei car park” (n.45).

The blue line bays are seasonal and are in effect from 1 April to 31 October, from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Information and payment methods blue line bays 

There are also white line bays (no payment needed) in: "avv. G. Ottaviano car park” (62), via avv. G. Ottaviano (n.97), via Giovanni Di Quattro (n.18), via Sergente Scribano (n.28), via del Mercato (n.24), via S. Paolo (n.31).

All the parking areas indicated, with blue and white lines, are located outside the LTZ and are therefore always reachable.


Can tourist buses access Ibla?

Tourist buses have two access options:

1) "Archi" area

From via Risorgimento, turn into via avv. G. Ottaviano.
Loading and unloading of passengers must be carried out in the “avv. G. Ottaviano” park, where only the bus stop is allowed and not parking.

2) “Giardini iblei” area

From via Risorgimento, continue on the SS115 then turn onto the SS194, take via Giovanni Di Quattro and continue on via avv. G. Ottaviano.
Loading and unloading of passengers must be carried out in the special area (just next Largo SS. Trovato) where only the bus stop is allowed and not parking.
It is forbidden to park and stop near Largo SS. Trovato and in its vicinity.

Tourist buses can park in the nearby “Tabuna” park, in front of the “L. Guastella - Petrulli”.

It is forbidden for tourist buses to travel along the stretch of via avv. G. Ottaviano between the “avv. G. Ottaviano” and Largo SS. Trovato in the direction of Largo SS. Trovato.